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Mapping the abyss: a talk with Prof. Chiara Petrioli about ambition, marine robotics&sustainability

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

The first episode of the "Women in Blue" interviews series uncovers the highly complex and multifaceted research activity that Professor Chiara Petrioli leads at the SENSES lab (Sapienza University of Rome), as well as her work as an R&D director of W•SENSE.

The author of hundreds of publications cited several thousands of times and patents, Professor Petrioli has received prestigious awards, including the Fulbright scholarship. Her discoveries on the “Internet of Underwater Things” have been listed in the Nominet Trust NT100 list “Top 100 Social Global Techs Changing Our Lives 2016.” She is one of the “N2Women stars in communications and networking 2019” and one of the “Inspiring 50” Italian women in technology, 2018. Her research has been covered by major mass media, among which BBC, RAI, CNN and The Guardian. A true inspiration for researchers in robotics, Professor Petrioli offers an in-depth insight into her own educational background, the motivation for pursuing such a complex career, as well as valuable advice for those interested in a career in this field.

In the interview Prof. Petrioli stresses the importance of education and personal drive for achieving great things: "once you have these building blocks/these tools (educational foundations), then I think that this field gives you a new, huge opportunity to give your contribution to interesting problems, in things that are multidisciplinary, and where technology experts are desperately needed."

You can follow Prof. Petrioli's talk, using the two options below:

1: Listen to the full podcast interview by clicking the image below:

2. Use the interactive map below to navigate to different topics of interest. Click on a specific image to hear the answer for the addressed topic:

Through this interview, we hope to inspire and empower young aspiring female researchers (and male researchers too!) to pursue their dreams, no matter the difficulties or challenges encountered.

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