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CNR is the main public organization in Italy comprising more than 100 research institutes comprising the Institute of Marine Engineering (INM-CNR). INM-CNR is the lead partner of the project. It combines skills in naval architecture, marine robotics, hydrodynamics and hydro-acoustics, renewable energy from the sea, and onboard power management. The Genova division of INM-CNR has over twenty-five years' experience in marine robotics research, focused primarily on the development of prototype underwater (ROV, AUV) and surface (USV, USSV) unmanned vehicles and on their field exploitation in the marine and maritime field, especially in harsh or extreme environments like polar regions.



IST-ID, the ”Organization of the Instituto Superior Técnico for Research and Development”, is a private not-for-profit organization devoted to R&D on Information and Communication Technologies, including Marine Robotic Systems. IST-ID has a large participation of the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), part of the Univ. Lisbon, Portugal. By bringing together theory and practice, ISR/IST offers the proper intellectual setting and multidisciplinary scientific environment for training in the fields of Aerial and Marine Robotic Systems and Technologies.



NAVIGO is currently the largest network of businesses in the yachting industry in Tuscany and one of the largest groups of its kind in Europe. Navigo is an Italian company operating as strategic support center for the leisure boat enterprises in different segments of their markets: yachting production, refitting services, tourism on the sea and port organization.



OptionsNet is a Greek company based in the city of Patras, in Western Greece. The company was founded in 2000 with the aim of providing innovative solutions in vertical ICT sectors and for undertaking the development of Smart Applications and Innovative systems. During the last 5 years, it has strategically targeted to the Blue Economy and developed advanced systems, by participating in over than 15 R&D actions and it has received several European and International Innovation Awards.



Aninver is a global market intelligence and business advisory group, serving public authorities, governments, development finance institutions and private clients around the world through a wide variety of consulting assignments.  Its areas of expertise are: construction, infrastructure, energy, public-private partnerships, real estate, tourism and hotels, technology and knowledge platforms, entrepreneurship and private sector development, among others.

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