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A woman engineer @ NATO: a talk with Dr. Caamano about self-trust, collaboration & welcoming change

In the 9th episode of our "Women in Blue" interview series we invited Prof. Dr. Pilar Caamano Sobrino to talk about her work as an M&S Scientists at the NATO STO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation.

Dr. Caamano manages the M&S services for training in NATO since 2016. Before this she worked more than 10 years in academia and covered several roles such as: Visiting Scientist, Adjunct Professor and Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher. She graduated in Computer Engineering from the University of Coruna in 2005, from where she also obtained her PhD in 2011. She published more than 40 articles in peer reviewed papers and received in 2012 the IEEE EAIS Best Paper Award for "A Procedural Long Term Memory for Cognitive Robotics".

In the interview, Dr. Caamano shares her the story of how she has followed her passion for engineering and taken up a position in a practically exclusively male-dominated field at NATO. She confesses: “ it was a shock, it was such a big change. It was an environment I didn’t know at all, a topic that I didn’t know at all, I was travelling every two weeks to NATO commands to talk to military people about training. I just jumped from working on autonomous systems and artificial intelligence in Spanish academia to talking to people about military training.”

To listen to the full interview, click the image below and access the podcast:

To access specific topics, please click on the images in the ‘mosaic’ below:

Enjoy the episode!

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