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Field Diaries of an ROV pilot: a tour of EMEPC with Andreia Afonso

This special edition of our 'Women in Blue' interview aims to provide an in-depth experience of the working environments of our interviewees. These spaces are often little accessible to the general public, but not less important for grasping the real extent of the work that different specialists conduct in their own field. Experiencing these places through a sort of online tours, where specialists show us around, offers thus a more immersive and direct approach to understanding their work.

The work of an ROV pilot is complex and specific and definitely not considered to be common knowledge. This is the case of Andreia Afonso's activity, who is an ROV pilot at EMEPC. The images below try to capture some of the complexities of Andreia's rols as an ROV pilot.

Given these complexities, we were very pleased when Andreia Afonso invited us on a tour of the EMEPC headquarters to show us the different parts of her work. This opportunity was a great occasion to learn more about the variety of tasks performed by an ROV pilot, the different contexts in which the pilot needs to operate, but also the practicalities and challenges faced while being on a mission. The result: an amazing showcase of the different spaces that compose Andreia's working environment, but also several short 'narratives' about her daily tasks, the journey to become an ROV pilot and the challenges encountered during field trips.


By clicking the images below you can also listen to some short thematic narratives about Andreia's work and field missions:

If you would also like to have a closer look at the LUSO ROV that Andreia operates with, you can check out its components using the map below or access a more comprehensive description here:

Uncovering these spaces has been a privilege and also an opportunity for us as a public, to learn and wonder, so we thank Andreia Afonso for being so open and sharing with us (even if only virtually) her working environment!

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