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From the stars to the sea: a talk with Enrica Zereik about replicability, AI & experimental control

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

The second episode of the "Women in Blue" interviews series uncovers the complex research area of control engineering explored by Enrica Zereik at the Italian National Research Council.

Enrica is researcher at CNR-INM (former CNR-ISSIA), focusing her research activity on underwater manipulation, computer vision, advanced algorithms for navigation guidance and control, evaluation indices and metrics for the experimental assessment of marine platforms’ performance, coordination and control algorithms for cooperative multi-robot systems. She participates in several European and National research projects, collaborating with several national and international research institutions.

In her interview for Women in Blue, Enrica stresses the importance of personal motivation and hard work in pursuing one’s own dream career, highlighting the fact that accessibility to a career path in robotics should apply to all, both men and women: “I think that being suitable for a job in robotics is not a gender issue, nor that robotics can benefit more from a woman rather than from a man. I think that it basically is a mixture of scientific curiosity, passion and willingness to face ever new challenges, being creative in finding a working solution. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, if you are fascinated by robotics and are not afraid of challenges, you should strive and pursue a career in the field.”

You cal follow the episode with Enrica Zereik using the two options below:

1: Listen to the full podcast interview by clicking the image below:

2. Use the interactive map below to navigate to different topics of interest. Click an image corresponding to a specific subject to hear the answer:

We hope the interview provides aspiring female researchers with more insight into robotic control/ engineering and at the same time enforces their motivation to pursue the desired career path!

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