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Algorithms we live by: Dr. Daniela de Palma on the importance of hard work, self-trust and support

In the fifth episode of the ‘Women in Blue’ interview series we met Dr. Daniela de Palma to talk about her work at the University of Salento, the Department of Innovation Engineering, Lecce/Italy.

Dr. de Palma is currently an Assistant Professor, teaching Estimation and Data Analysis with Applications. She conducts research in the areas of modeling, navigation, guidance, and control of autonomous robotic vehicles, observers and estimation theory, modelling and parameter identification. Dr. de Palma has published over 20 papers in international journals and proceedings of international conferences on the subject and has contributed to several national and international projects in the area of autonomous robotics and autonomous underwater vehicles including PRIN MARIS (2013-2016), EU H2020 WiMUST (2015-2018), EU H2020 DexROV (2015-2018), EU H2020 ROBUST (2015-2020) and EUMarineRobots (2018-2021).

In the interview, Dr. de Palma recounts how she chose a career in marine robotics and the way that she worked towards achieving her goals while becoming a mother (she wrote her PhD thesis during maternity leave!). Having worked both in the industry and academia, Dr. de Palma sheds light on the main differences she sees between the two sectors, as well as on how the gender gap plays out in her sector of activity. The interview touches upon a variety of topics that can shed more light on the implications of being at the same time a professor, researcher, mother and an enthusiast robot builder.

To listen to the full interview, click the image below and access the podcast:

To access specific topics, please click on the images in the ‘mosaic’ below:

We hope you enjoy the talk and feel inspired and motivated by it, in order to pursue your own professional path.

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